Sep 26, 2010

Jamie Lidell and Ignacio at Lincoln Hall on 9/23/10

Jamie Lidell

Let me start out by saying I had to choose between two social events for this particular night: (1) sex toy party (by G Boutique) at my friend's home or private concert at Lincoln Hall featuring Jamie Lidell. Two fun events on the same night! Which event would bring more pleasure? I went for immediate gratification (what can I say?) and opted for Jamie. One event could be enjoyed immediately, the second, would require waiting until you got home. At least my husband was invited to the concert and could actively participate. The sex toy party was an educational girl only event and invite. Pros and cons to every opportunity taken and declined. In the end, it was the right choice (see blog entry below for proof). There will be more educational STP's and fewer private concerts. Not to mention, one can always go prop shopping, read books, drink wine, light candles, and update your sleepwear collection. Before I have to rename the blog, I will now move on to discuss music, which is what you came here for right?

We were invited to the show by our friends Paul and Leah. Paul works for NBC Digital Media and from time to time has a great work/client party that he can invite some of his very appreciative friends to. The concert was amazing (as were the food and drinks!). Jamie Lidell is the master of all things soul, funk, and dance music of mixed genres. I had no idea what a dance party I was going to. One minute a bit Stevie Wonder, the next retro 80's dance. Jamie is a Britain born New York based beat boxing pro. His latest CD, Compass consists of 14 tracks that is more electro-psychodelic soul than his previous forays into 60's soul-funk. The musicians, producers, and writers featured on this CD include the individually highly pedigreed Feist, Beck, Nikka Costa, Gonzales, Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear), and Pat Sansone (Wilco). For this reason, I am posting the video of the title song Compass, he played at Lincoln Hall. The lighting was fantastic and really emphasized the passion and dramatic nature of this song. Jamie was introduced by our host, Paul:

During sections of the song Compass and in another part of the set, Jamie layered tracks made with his voice into a microphone and performed the percussion and vocals as a sequenced, beatboxing one-man band. He then sang soulful lyrics over his recorded tracks. At this point, his band was no longer on stage and for that matter even required. Needless to say, it was fairly astounding to witness. At that moment, Lincoln Hall was transformed into an after hours dance club (not that I would know from personal experience but trust me anyway). Jamie was hyperkinetic on stage, constantly dancing, moving, and singing. He must have sweat off 10 lbs per song, hence his lithe physique. As a result of this experience, my biggest complaint of the night was self-induced. I videotaped this track layering beatboxing extravaganza and other songs. It was painful because what I really wanted to do was dance. I thought about dancing while video taping but that would have created some nausea inducing footage. Maybe you all do not need live footage you say?

Little Bit of Feel Good from the CD Jim was my first introduction to Jamie. Nothing but feeling good here. Have a listen and a look.

As for the venue let me start with rock star metered parking until 9 pm. $2 got me all night parking a stones throw from Lincoln Hall. The space is owned by the same folks who own Schubas (as in Mike and Chris Schuba), my all time favorite music location. The sound is definitely better from downstairs so check out the balcony in this duplex but come down for the show. I like the space from the standpoint of feeling like more of a club. Given the overhead disco ball, you can feel free to get your groove on should the mood hit you. Schubas still is the all time winner for best sound.

For those of you reading this in advance, you can check him out yourself at the Bottom Lounge for $20 on October 9th. Don't miss it unless of course, you have a better sex toy party to go to. You guessed it, the show gets a 5 out of 5 guitar rating. Dinner was not had prior to going to the show but Lincoln Hall does serve food and there are several restaurants on Lincoln Ave. close by Lincoln Hall. I would suggest the Toasted Ox, formerly Lucille's (the site of my first date with my hubby) which has been per Metromix "revamped and renamed. The antique wooden bar back has been preserved, but new Venetian plaster walls and an onyx bar lend a more European look. The food menu consists of paninis, specialty burgers and appetizers". Location is 2470 N. Lincoln Ave.


Hailing from NYC, a new band with a new first self-titled sampler CD. They have a sound that is influenced by the likes of Squeeze and Crowded House. The show at Lincoln Hall was their 7th ever live show. Check out their FB page at for more.

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