Feb 23, 2011

Morcheeba at House of Blues on 2/22/11

Photos taken by Becca Waterloo from the show at House of Blues. She was so nice to email me and turn me on to "Drop Box"!:

Photo of Ross Godfrey

Skye claimed to have made her dress!

Gotta love these FMPTP's (c'mon, you can figure this out):

Hint: PTP's = Peep Toe Platforms
(They were awesome and added major inches to her petit frame).

A student from Michigan State drove four hours from Michigan to see the show and happened to also be wearing a red dress (a true fan). She was rewarded by being asked to come up on stage to sing "Over and Over" with Skye:

Here is a video I took of Skye singing "Crimson" from the new release, Blood Like Lemonade. I was a little obsessed with her peep toe platforms but how could I not be? I must get a pair. Likely you want them too.

Enjoy this video from the latest release Blood Like Lemonade:

The brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey met Skye Edwards at a party in the mid-1990’s and soon after formed the band Morcheeba. At that time, Morcheeba added to the birthing of the down tempo genre of trip-hop grooves. Multi-instrumentalist Ross and DJ Paul are the back bone of the group creating ethereal tones over soft hip hop beats. By way of history, Skye and the Godfrey brothers parted ways in 2003 due to musical and personal differences. The first post-Skye album was The Antidote featuring Daisy Martey followed by Dive Deep featuring Judie Tzuke and French singer Manda Zamolo ( I saw Morcheeba at Park West during the tour of Dive Deep in 2008 and the show was not half as great or memorable).

Skye had a chance during her sabbatical to produce and song write on two solo projects, Mind How You Are (listen to the song What’s Wrong With Me) released in 2006 followed by Keeping Secrets in 2009. Skye agreed to get back together with Paul and Ross in 2010 on the condition that they would produce a full-length album together, Blood Like Lemonade. The album was put together in pieces since they were all living in different countries (London, France, and Hollywood, CA). It is an amazing release and well worth the effort.

The show at House of Blues was nothing short of fantastic. Skye was back in all her glory. She looked and sounded gorgeous. She reminded me of a young Diana Ross on this night. They opened with The Sea and closed the night with an invitation to dance on stage for a lucky few. Skye was highly engaged with the audience. She talked, joked, and welcomed everyone to the party. As nicely stated by Becca Waterloo in a review she wrote for her school's IIT publication (TechNews), "she completely sold the show Tuesday night with her whimsical vocals, toned arms and charismatic stage performance making the two hour wait well worth it". She wore a red dress with feathers, claiming to have designed it herself, platform shoes and a large plastic beaded necklace that slowly broke apart on stage resulting in a slight wardrobe malfunction. This was a highly dangerous situation given the 6-inch (well 3.5 inches but who's counting) platforms that Skye was wearing and the anticipated possibility of a concussion caused by slipping on the round objects. As a safety measure, the beads were thrown into the audience likely serving as mementos for her fans. The first bead toss wound up landing, oddly enough, in my friend Anna’s cleavage. Now that is aim.

Later on, a female student from Michigan State wearing a red dress (Skye copy cat attire coincidence?) was rewarded for driving four hours from Michigan and her uncanny fashion sense with an invitation to come up on stage and sing “Over and Over” with Skye. Although a bit off key she had chutzpah and was otherwise adorable on stage. She was clearly thrilled to have the opportunity and experience. Other notable events include a joint being passed from an audience member to Skye who passed it to Ross. Ross took a quick pull and passed it to his brother. Gotta love the House of Blues. The night ended with dancing on stage during the grand finale. No one was arrested for pot smoking or dancing. If, as Becca Waterloo stated in her TechNews article, "a successful performance is based on crowd interaction", Morcheeba and Skye were extremely successful and reached that bar with ease.

P.S. Piece of trivia and possible explanation for the bands slight preoccupation with pot smoking at the venue:

The word "morcheeba" is meant to indicate "the way of cannabis". This originated from "MOR"—middle of the road; plus "Cheeba"—informal name of cannabis. (Wikipidia.org)

P.P.S. For dinner before the show, my friend Anna and I went to my favorite pre-HOB event restaurant, Hub 51. See Lauryn Hill posting for restaurant review.

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