Jun 4, 2011

Jacob Latimore at VerveLife Chicago on 6/3/11

First of all, I have to mention that I was invited to this exclusive two song set with Jacob Latimore, in the capacity of Music Blogger and lover of all things music. Lauren Russ, who works in public relations for Connect Communications, Inc., found my blog and extended this amazing opportunity to me. What a blast and good to know that something good can come from doing something you enjoy. Lauren works with the company VerveLife which is a small novel company that pairs up music and talent with product and brand marketing. They specialize in technology-based products and services. So when you go to Sam's Club and decide to buy a box of Quaker granola bars because the purchase includes free music downloads or free Karaoke, this would be VerveLife's creation.

Up and coming 14 year old singer, dancer, actor "Triple Threat", Jacob Latimore, performed in an intimate setting at VerveLife on Michigan Avenue. I was one of the lucky few invited to experience Jacob's talent up close and personal. Here is a photo from his my space page with his mother and manager, Latitia Taylor. Have to give a nod to the fabulous, intelligent, and gracious woman behind the talented teen sensation.

me and mom

Jacob's father and uncles, a singing quartet known as the Latimore Brothers, are the "tree from which the apple fell". Jacob began singing at age 3 and his dancing talents were recognized after he was inspired to learn all of the Temptations dance steps by watching their videos at age 5. According to Jacob's mom, these videos were the main inspiration for Jacob's sense of showmanship. He was also a big fan of the boy band B2K. Jacob as a 9 year old kid from Milwaukee first teamed up with local producers and songwriters to record his first song "Best Friend" which was picked up by Radio Disney on their incubator station which featured young artists. Jacob and his family moved to Atlanta in 2007 to launch his music career. Jacob more recently signed with the Jive label in March of 2010 and recorded what is likely to be his first hit single, "Like 'em All" featuring Diggy Simmons. According to Latitia Taylor (Mom/Manager), "everything is happening organically and they have not done the big label push yet". Jacob has created several commercials on spec. It is hoped that Jacob will be the next big brand and not "just" a singer/dancer. Jacob's video "Like 'em All" has received more than 2 million hits on Vimeo so far. Not shabby for a newbie. His next video "Nothing on Me" was just completed and a full length debut album is scheduled for release this year.

Look for Jacob in future "Pop Tarts" commercials. You might even catch him selling out Madison Square Garden and The United Center. Justin B might have to make a little room in the spotlight soon.

Jacob's inspiration came from watching the Temptations as a 5 year old. After seeing this video and Jacob's moves live, I can see where he gets his groove...

Interview with Jacob Latimore (my first ever so take that into consideration when I stumble over the wording... Jacob however was terrific!).

Jacob performing his future hit single "Like 'em All":

Jacob performing his new single "Nothing on Me" live at Verve Life:

This was incredibly fun and being a closet tech geek (compared to some other people in my age group), an edgy way to get your music and inner geek together. Maybe if I am able to choose a new career in my next life (or this one?), brand marketing and music would not be a bad gig. Sign me up!

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  1. Wow, he's cute, charming, and poised for his age. I can see him being a hit. He seems like he has a great personality - I hope that's the truth!