Aug 9, 2011

Old 97s at Lincoln Hall on 7/18/11

Here is a bit of live footage before I was "finger wagged" by the bouncer and told not to take any more video...

Risking a boot out of Lincoln Hall and another finger wag... a bit more footage (could not resist). In defense of the venue and sponsor, they had professional videographers shooting the entire show for eventual DVD purchase.

After finding Rock Star metered parking in front of Lincoln Hall, my friend Debbie and I had a cocktail at the bar before entering the show. We realized (too late) that the venue was packed. Catching up, gabbing, and skipping the opening act can prove hazardous. Fortunately for us we were able stand up on the steps on the first floor (near the sound board) in the back and have a perfect view of the stage without any heads blocking our ability to stare down (in a hopeful but futile effort to establish eye contact with) the hot lead singer, Rhett Miller. Rhett looks all of 30 but is actually more than 40! So happy not to be a real cougar. The rest of the band is Murry Hammond (bass guitar), Ken Bethea (lead guitar), and Phillip Peeples (drums).

The Old 97s are an alternative country band from Dallas, TX that made their debut in 1993. They now have more than 15 albums, not including the 4 that Brett released solo.

The band seemed to have a lot of energy and spunk. They bantered and had fun with the audience throughout the show. I was particularly intrigued by Rhett's ability to swing his arm in a 360 degree circle before strumming each chord. You might be able to see this in one of the above videos. Seriously, I tried to duplicate this action while playing my guitar and I guess I am not quite as flexible as Rhett. I think I would need a dislocated elbow to accomplish this movement pattern.

The Old 97s are a fun "party band" and great to see live. The show gets a 5 guitar rating! For more on the Old 97s check out

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