Oct 6, 2011

Mayer Hawthorne and Calexico at Cultivate Festival on 10/1/11

All photos taken by Melody Perpich

The Cultivate Festival was the first of its kind put on by Chipotle. They chose Chicago and lucky we were. They had a full line up of great bands, REAL top chef demonstrations (ie. Mantuano), microbrewery beer offerings, t-shirt making, local green market organic food booths, and of course tacos. There was no entrance fee and they even let you earn free food from Chipotle by getting stamps from visiting the various educational tent areas. Later on they gave some coupons away for just being there. We left with 6 of them (a $30 value!). Really, I was personally there for the music and not the free burritos but this was a bonus.

Mayer Hawthorne, a 29 year old native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is known for his soulful and jazzy "retro" sound. He may be better described as "New Soul" and not retro but very Motown. Living near Detroit must have greatly impacted his musical choices since he is compared to the likes of Smokey Robinson and Curtis Mayfield. Hawthorne is also the triple threat of singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. His latest release is How Do You Do.. I am well and he seems to be too, based on the accolades he is getting. I personally like his glasses (seen in the video below). Very geek chic, so in, so retro yet now, so coolio. Well yes, I too have a pair so I am biased.

Maybe So Maybe No

And from the festival, a video posted by a fan on You Tube:

He was great to see and a fun time for all ages.


Calexico is a band of many genres which include but are likely not limited to: traditional latin (mariachi, conjuncto etc.), jazz of the 50's-60's decades, country, and indie rock. They started recording in 1996 and based their name on the border town of Calexico, California. Again, something for everyone here. You cannot help but smile and be happy when they are playing. I would recommend playing their music if you feel a slight downward spiral in your mood about to come on. They would snap you out of it. I dare you to be sad or in a bad mood while watching/listening to the video below taken by another fan at the festival:

Cross your fingers for another free Chicago Cultivate Festival next year. They may take their festival on the road but you never know.

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