Oct 11, 2011

Zee Avi at Schubas on 10/4/11

For your listening pleasure, live from Schubas, "Madness" (she is a great jazz vocalist):

Zee was a delight to see and hear live. Her vocal style ranges from pop folk to classic jazz. She also plays a mean kazoo (claiming that she did not have a trumpet player and playing the kazoo as an ample replacement). She is known for her sweet acoustic songs that she plays with her ukelele but she is just as proficient on guitar. She was completely comfortable on stage and despite her petite 4 foot plus size had full command of the stage and show. She talked to the audience throughout her set and was engaging at all times. Before the show she was standing by the bar sipping her whiskey straight up. She had a little spill and dropped her Ukelele. I offered to run home and get her one of my kids lesser quality ukes in the event it was broken. Fortunately (for her and the audience), her fine instrument survived the tragic fall without need of repair.

Zee gets a 5 out of 5 guitar rating. Can't wait to see her again.


  1. Hey, I've been following your blog for a while and you've got an interesting thing going on here!

    I hate to be off topic here (in regards to the band above^), but I didn't know where else to write this...

    I'm curious to know, are you going to see Feist at the Riviera next month? I'm actually out of town right now, so I'll miss it, but man, I really want to see her live...It'd be cool if you could cover her concert on the blog :)

  2. Hi, just saw your comment (I get so few!). I would love to see Feist since I love her new release. I saw her last time and she was great. I do not plan to go to the show since I have been going to a lot of shows this month. Check out my post today on Rachael Yamagata. I am seeing Suzanne Vega tomorrow night! Thanks for following the blog!

  3. Thanks for getting back to me & I'll be sure to read that post tonight xx