Feb 10, 2012

Mathien at Reggie's Rock Club on 2/10/12

iPhone photo from Reggie's show courtesy of Becca Waterloo!


6:30 am: Cursed at the alarm clock, woke up, packed kids lunches got breakfast on table, walked and drove kids to school.
8:30 am: Got myself dressed, put lots of under eye cover cream on, and drive downtowne to educational (work) conference until 2:00 pm.
2:45 pm: Picked up kids from school and bought birthday present for daughter's friend who is turning 9.
3:15 pm: Fed son snack before hockey and took daughter to birthday party.
4:45 pm: Went back home, threw in a load of laundry and got on treadmill for 45 minutes (give or take but who is keeping track?).
6:30 pm: Went to pick up daughter from party, had glass of wine with mothers who were also picking up there over sugared and pizza fed daughters.
7:45 pm: Went home, drank two large cups of Starbuck's Italian Roast (home brewed).
8:00 pm: Had friend and daughter over from 8 until 10pm (to chat about dissatisfaction with our kids schools, grading, and other things we have absolutely no control over, and drink more coffee).
9:45 pm: Grabbed "bar bag", cell phone, car keys, ID (for the Po Po in case I am pulled over for speeding and to prove that I am decades over 21 when I get to the bar).
10:00 pm: Left comfort of warm home to meet my friend Becca at Reggie's (on the coldest night of 2012) at 10:30 pm after driving my visiting friend and her daughter home.
(And the bright light at the end of my humdrum day...unless you thought the other parts sounded fun)
11:00 pm: Stood up by the stage, grooved and danced for one hour to a little known but most excellent band, Mathien.
1:00 am: Arrived home, blogged about how seeing Mathien was the light at the end of the tunnel of my already oh so exciting yet typical day. Hallelujah Mathien! (How else could I get though the monotony of the day to day living experience?).

According to the song "Lettuce Head" from Mathien's latest release The Night I was an Alpha Male, "If you knew me then, you really did not know me at all. If you know me now, you should get to know me better". So: If you did not know them then, you should get to know Mathien now or if you knew them, you should definitely get to know them better.

Chris Mathien demonstrates his highly proficient skills on his axe while rocking out to the song "Lettuce Head":

This is my second time seeing Mathien and this talented band has been consistently fun, energetic, and completely engaging. The show was well worth guzzling coffee for in order to keep oneself awake to make it to an 11 pm show (even after starting your day at 6:30 am).

Before I forget, parking for Reggie's was easy breezy. I secured free rock star parking directly across from the venue at 10:30 pm. Normally you could leave your jacket in the car and run across the street if it were not -30 degrees. Another bonus is that there is an incredible record store next door to Reggie's with tons of used CDs, t-shirts and albums. If I had more time to browse I could have found much long lost and new music. Reggie's also serves food until midnight!

More on Mathien's latest release, The Night I Was an Alpha Male soon. For more on Mathien, check out their website here. Please see my first review (check previous blog postings) from the Lincoln Hall show for more details and my full review on Mathien.

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