Feb 4, 2013

Shawn Colvin at City Winery on February 1, 2013

I recently saw Shawn Colvin at City Winery and I must say, SPACE is a better venue for an intimate and less acoustically challenging environment.  Tonight was a standout.  Shawn in her couture dress with flared black cropped pants and lush brown leather boots brought style and swagger to the show.  Shawn is not only a great singer-songwriter, she is hilariously entertaining.  She immediately mocked herself for being a woman of a certain age complete with vision, hearing, and other issues.   She acknowledged that with her age has come a more "I don't really care what anyone thinks" attitude.  I can appreciate this attitude and can certainly relate (I am really only a few years behind her).  She talked about finally giving in and buying a fancy electronic tuner that changes colors when you pluck the correct note - only to realize that she could not see the color.  At one show, she threw the tuner at a fan who told her she was "sharp".  She may have regretted her response but only because she had to buy another tuner.

Acoustics were great at SPACE allowing for Shawn to sing softly yet clearly hearing each note.  Check out the video hear and I swear she was looking at me taping her by the end.  Likely not but she might have been...


Shawn played a mix of old and some new songs from her latest release. She did not disappoint.  My guess is this type of venue (small, candlelit tables) is her most comfortable place to perform.
I was lucky to get to see the first of two sold out shows at SPACE, courtesy of my friend Anna and her husband John.  Much appreciated!  Opening for Shawn was Meg Hutchinson.  Although talented, for me the performance and songs fell a little flat and gloomy.  She also performs as part of a trio with a group of singer-songwriters calling themselves "Winterbloom".  Having seen them before at Old Town School of Folk, I must say I preferred hearing Meg as part of the larger trio which was more dynamic and interesting.

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