Jul 25, 2013

Bob Schneider at Lincoln Hall on July 23, 2013

This was my second time going to a Bob show.  The first time I was a volunteer usher at Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago and was beyond impressed.  First of all, I have never witnessed an OTS audience all up dancing and carrying on while swilling multiple bottles of beer and wine (may have something to do with the party crowd that Bob brings).  This crowd has fun.  This was the first show in OTS history to sell out all of the alcohol.

Bob has his own light show back drop that he brings with him to every show and it is actually pretty cool.  He must also bring his own sound person because he is now adding "auto tuning" to his ever changing repertoire of songs and vocal sounds.  There is something here for everyone here.  One song is a slow melancholy ballad, the next adds hip hop or mambo only to be followed by a rock song riddled with witty lyrics.  The band is comprised of amazing musicians. The most notable is Bob's keyboard, trumpet, piccolo, accordion playing, protective goggle and jump suit wearing, back up vocalist, comedian, master of all instruments,  Oliver Steck.  He is truly a site to behold.  They all play off each other with such a level of professionalism it is hard to believe that they are not even more well known nationally.  Bob plays and sings like a chimera of Dave Matthews and John Mayer which may not be what you are looking for.  His banter is oft-times off color which we have come to expect and approve of (cause he is funny).  His fans are waiting for the joke just by looking at his gaze into the audience, complete with a smirk and a mischievous twinkly in his eye.

This is a show to go with all your girlfriends or all of your friends, boyfriends, husbands (or any combination).  If you have a bad time at a Bob Schneider show you really need to get you some therapy or you should check your pulse.  I guarantee a great time unless you are made of stone or any other lifeless material.  Just go next time he is in your town.

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