Aug 7, 2013

8th Stage - Launch of 1st online social networking for the music community

I was contacted by Ryan Johnson from "8th Stage", a Chicago start-up, to write a blog article about the new 1st-ever online social networking community intent on helping independent music artists make the necessary connections to further their careers.  Networking between agents, record labels, recording studios, management companies and other music industry professionals through a social networking site could be the wave of the future.  Historically record labels only sign musicians who are perceived to be either low to no risk of financial loss for the label.  This leaves a gaping hole in the success ladder for newcomers or unknown independent music artists to get their careers launched.  Most music artists do not have the wherewithal or maybe financial backing to start their own record label like Ani Difranco did with Righteous Babe Records.  She is one of the few artists that I am aware of who put out a debut album through their own independent record label and actually become extremely successful.  Through the assistance of this new online community, 8th stage plans to help independent music artists connect with coaches, writers, producers, engineers and other necessary industry puzzle pieces and of course vice-versa.

The launch is scheduled for 8.8.13 and can be accessed for free at  It is free to join and then $8 per month for premium features.  For anyone registering during the Beta launch of the site, the premium upgrade will be only $4 per month for the life of the membership if not cancelled.

If you fit the description here, there is no harm in taking a look by registering for free and it might be worth a $4 initial investment to investigate the premium features it offers.  Likely there will be a description of what "premium features" include on the site.  Good luck to you and 8th Stage, I hope to always have the chance to experience the joy of "discovering" an unknown artist  at a local music venue or at an open mic before they become famous.  Maybe I'll need to see them before they start networking on 8th Stage.

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