Feb 1, 2014

Frank Guinness Band Summer 2013

In celebration of Frank Libbe's birthday, friends and family gathered last summer in the backyard for a private concert, brats and of course, a bit of alcohol.   We did not know that many of us would be featured in a music video for all the YouTube world to view.  Frank Guinness Band is a fun country, rock and blues influenced band.  As you can tell from this fun-tastic song, this band has no fear of lyrics. The song "Suckaphobia" tells the story of how we can all have a fear of "sucking" at whatever we do.  Fear be gone!

The 14-track self-titled collection arose out of a 3-day studio session in late April, 2013. Kevin James (YellowHammers, Modern Day Saints) is the mastermind behind Frank Guinness. James invited his musician friends to show up with an original song to be learned on the spot and recorded by whomever was present at the time. Ron Steele (idigmusic.com) provided masterful engineering (and some solid drumming) during the sessions, and post-production in the weeks afterward. By mid-June, the Frank Guinness tracks were fully baked and available on CD Baby and iTunes.

Their CD can be purchased here!

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