Sep 14, 2014

Girls! Rock Chicago at The Bottom Lounge on June 28, 2014

From the organization website "Girls Rock! Chicago is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering girls’ creative expression, positive self-esteem and community awareness through rock music. Through our music education programs for girls ages 8 to 16, we are committed to educating girls about the musical, technical, and creative aspects involved in musicianship because we believe that young girls are rarely encouraged to explore self-expressive creative outlets and are less likely to be given access to musical and technical instruction or equipment. We believe that rock music can be a crucial tool in allowing young women to respond to preconceived notions of what they can do and what they can become."

Girls! Rock Chicago is a week long summer camp in Chicago for aspiring rocker girls!  Check out the group Meta3 below.  This 11-12 year old trio wrote the lyrics and music to "We are We" from beginning to end during this fantastic one week camp.  The end of camp culminates with a live performance at The Bottom Lounge club in Chicago.

Another, band named Cherie, comprised a dynamic duo of two very talented and more experienced older high school girls.  They were showstoppers and saved for last during The Bottom Lounge performance.  Can you say "I want the album" anyone?

The camp is run primarily by volunteers who donate their time and talents to the campers.  Each day goes from 9am until 4pm and the time is jam packed with music lessons, band practice, art activities (ie. Threadless t-shirt creatio), and girl empowerment discussions.  To get a spot in the camp the girls have to send in an "audition tape" which is loosely defined since it can even include artwork or reciting poetry.

I hesitated to post about this amazing camp because it is a very well kept secret (in the land of summer day camp experiences in Chicago) and I want my daughter to have a spot until she becomes too old to participate.   They also have a Ladies Rock program for us older wannabe rockers, just FYI.  So keep it on the down low peeps.  You are privileged to find it through my blog. Now SHUSH!

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  1. Wow, these videos are brilliant. Thanks for sharing here I am a big fan of such music events and recently I had been to a music concert at some local Chicago event space. This event was also blasting. Enjoyed to the fullest!