Feb 17, 2010

Band Babes, Concert Chicks, and Music Maniacs

So wouldn't it be a great idea (for those of us addicted to music and concerts) to always have someone to go to a show with? I do not know about you but most of us at some point do not have the time, freedom, finances, or maybe friends to go to shows with. I thought it would be fun to start a blog about the music I get to go see live and report back on it. I would love to form a "band of reporters/critics" to join me. Chicago is a great place for live music and in general, cultural opportunities. For the purpose of this blog I will stay focused on the music scene. Would love to hear from others with a similar passion. I tried (for a very brief moment) to recruit some friends to do a "concert club" of sorts. Form a "band of music maniacs" so that you would always know what good shows are coming up and would have someone (from the club) to go with. No one could commit. See my point. Wouldn't it be great to have some video or photo footage of a show you missed? A full and reputable report on the concert so you know whether to go next time? What about some funny moments at the show? For example, I saw G. Love with some friends recently at House of Blues and a girl (under age 25, so for me, a girl) standing in front of me (and in front of the stage) was surprised by her boyfriend with tickets to the show. She literally spent every moment during the concert salivating over G. and never once acknowledged her boyfriend (standing behind us) ... we actually thought she had a chance to hook up with G. after the show. The boyfriend was not pleased. No good deed goes unpunished. Upcoming shows for me: Marc Cohn, Sia, Ben Folds (and a piano).

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  1. Rock on MM! Don't forget to post that awesome G-footage.