Feb 20, 2010

G. Love at Chicago House of Blues 1/14/10

I had never seen G. Love before but knew he was a singer-songwriter wordsmith who raps, sings the blues, and plays harmonica and guitar. He was great eye-candy too but this for me was secondary to his talent (OK, that could be a lie but I am not sure). We got to HOB early enough to grab a spot in front of the stage. The place was mobbed but we were not squashed. G. sat stage center during much of the show. He sang while bouncing his skinny knees to and fro in his seat most of the time. The show was great and I am now a big fan. As for HOB, you do not need to worry if you want a beer and you are in the middle of the mob on the floor. A waitress comes by, weaving in and out of the crowd, carrying a box of tall-boys. If you want anything else you are SOL. I found this elegant side of HOB, ensuring that alcohol sales do not drop during the show, to be charming. If you smoke (a friend I was with does), you are SOL. You cannot leave HOB once you are in. So, to grab a smoke, you must forgo seeing the rest of the show cause you cannot get back in. If you have a real bad craving you will have to sneak your smoke somewhere inside the bar (can you go to jail for that?). The show gets a 5 out of 5 guitar rating. See him next time!

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