Apr 10, 2011

Robert Plant and Band of Joy with the North Mississippi All Stars on 4/9/11

Set list courtesy of Greg Kot (Chicago Tribune):

1. Black Dog
2. Down to the Sea
3. Angel Dance
4. Black Country Woman
5. House of Cards
6. Monkey
7. Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go (Buddy Miller vocal)
8. Silver Rider
9. A Satisfied Mind (Darrell Scott vocal)
10. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
11. Twelve Gates to the City/Wade in the Water/In My Time of Dying
12. Patty Griffin song
13. Please Read the Letter
14. Houses of the Holy
15. Ramble On

16. Tangerine
17. Harm’s Swift Way
18. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

The video's on this blog were taken by other, more fortunate fans with way better seats, who posted video on you tube. I did filter out three of the best ones. I will say, that even from nose bleed territory, the show was fantastic. I was a Led Zeppelin fan from the beginning of time and I did not expect that Plant and Band of Joy would do as many iconic Zeppelin songs as they did. They managed to take LZ songs and re-work them in such a way that they stayed true to their current sound (folksy/bluegrass). The Band of Joy is made up of individual musicians that are each "famous" in their own right. I sheepishly admit that I was caught by surprise when I learned that the lucky young "betch" back-up vocalist was none other than PATTI GRIFFIN! Who I love and adore! She is not lucky, she is TALENTED! I should do more research BEFORE I go to shows.

Band of Joy was first created in 1965 and the original members consisted of Robert Plant and John Bonham. The new reincarnation consists of Buddy Miller (guitar and vocals), Darrel Scott (vocals, mandolin, guitar, accordion, lap steel guitar, and banjo), Marco Giovino (percussion), Byron House (bass) and Patti Griffin (vocals, guitar). Buddy Miller emerged on the alternative country/bluegrass scene and is an icon in his own right. He performed and wrote most of his music with his wife Judy Miller. He has performed with Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, and Steve Earle amongst others. He is really a strong back bone to the new "Band of Joy". Patti Griffin is Grammy award winning and quite accomplished in her own right. I saw her for the first time when she was the opening act for someone else (now long forgotten) at Schubas. I thought to myself at the time - wow, this newcomer will likely rise to the top. Of course I knew what I was talking about (hand patting back).

The music varied between bluegrass, folk, and even gospel. A virtual cornucopia of sound. The great thing about the show and the ever so humble Robert Plant, was that the band really was a band. Plant was not monopolizing at all. In fact, during several songs he stepped almost "off stage" and played harmonica while the band performed and others sang. No signs of Diva here. Band of Joy was truly a joy to listen to. Plant proves himself to be no shrinking violet. He has continued to evolve over the years and this latest change suits him and the band extremely well. Robert Plant and Band of Joy's music is a very natural progression from Plant's earlier work with Alison Krauss. The show gets a 5 out of 5 guitar rating for great music, great sound (even in the boondocks), and talented musicianship. Hail Robert Plant, Hail Band of Joy.

"House of Cards"

and Led Zeppelin "Light" version of "Ramble On"

This version of 12 Gates to the City/Wade in the Water/In My Time of Dying highlights Patti Griffin:

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  1. Wish I had been there!!!! Looks like it was a great show. Thanks for shooting and looking forward to the blog. :-D