Mar 3, 2012

Dia Frampton (and Meg) at Subterranean on March 2, 2012

(photos taken by Melody Perpich)

VIdeo of Dia and Meg singing "We Are In This Together":

Gotta love an all ages show when both you and the kids want to see the performer. My kids both watched Dia Framton on "The Voice" in 2011 and bought her solo release when it came out. It turns out that all the songs have catchy hooks and have "safe" pop lyrics that the kids (ages 8 and 11) can both sing along to. The songs are a bit contagious. The kids have now memorized all of the songs on the album and were thrilled to see Dia live at Subterranean. In all fairness, when her sister Meg came on stage, she looked like the "star". She had her hair up and looked gorgeous in her sequin dress (see above photo). It turns out that Meg is the more shy sister and less vocally talented. Meg and Dia had a strong fan base to begin with and now sister Meg tours, plays piano, guitar and sings back up vocals for Dia. My kids were not the only ones who knew all the lyrics. All of the high schoolers in attendance seemed to know all of them too and made sure to sing them at the top of their lungs throughout the show. This always begs the question "Do you think we all came here to hear you sing?". I will give a hall pass to the concert goers since these were all/mostly/with the exception of me and my husband, teenagers.

Dia had a bit of a cold but did the best she could reaching for her notes. She was very relaxed, taking off her boots and "Dr. Seuss" socks that her mother bought her (I think they were soft and fuzzy) to go barefoot on stage. Obviously this was not an intimidating venue and everyone was in lovers lane with Dia. We had a chance to meet her and the kids posed for pictures after the show. She was exceptionally sweet and appreciative of my daughter's compliments. She sang most of her songs from her debut CD plus a few covers and her most notable version of "Heartless" which raised the bar for other "Voice" competitors.

My personal favorite song of the night was a cover of "The Flight of the Conchords' song "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" attached here. This song is hilarious. They picked a random guy from the front of the audience and had him sit on stage while serenading him. If you have not yet seen the "Flight of the Conchords" series, I highly recommend it.

The show was perfect for a fun family night of music. Subterranean is a nice and small venue with good acoustics. They needed some work on lighting because the band and singers (opening act too) were basically in the dark. Word of caution regarding parking. It is either metered or you need a neighborhood sticker. We learned the hard way, thought we scored "rock star" parking (did not see the neighborhood sign) and received a nice $75 ticket. Not so much fun.

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