Mar 19, 2012

G. Love and Special Sauce at Metro on 3/17/12

Photos and video taken by Melody Perpich:

Why did we need to eat dinner? WHY???? IT WAS A BAAAAD DECISION!!! Eating interfered with getting to the show early to score a spot up in the front and having the chance to actually touch G. Love himself. This alone would have been fodder for discussion for the next two years. Maybe pathetic yet true. G. (Garrett Dutton) Love reached his hand out to touch everyone in the first two rows over the course of the show. I think the guys were just as thrilled as the women. This was a girl night out for me having left South Bend, Indiana (hockey tournament weekend for my son), taking a 2.5 hour train to Chicago, catching "El" with the throngs of determined St. Patty's Day partiers, to head back home to the Northside. Once off the train I had to walk 2 miles with heavy bag (no cabs and the train line was being repaired at my stop so not running). This was no easy task but so worth it.

I went to the show with three friends who could all hang in the heat and crowd. G. Love and Special Sauce concluded their "Fixin' To Die" tour at this show pulling out all the stops to put on an exceptional performance. It was nothing short of amazing. Tim Shanko (replacing Jimi "Jazz" Prescott) on stand up and electric bass was truly outstanding. His rapid fire fast fingered frenzied and animated playing was gaping mouth worthy. For those of you who do not know G. Love, he began performing in 1993 with a Philadelphia, PA band and is classified as alternative hip hop and blues. He raps like nobody white's business and plays a badass harmonica and guitar. Tonight they were all on fire. They played all the usual suspects "Booty Call", "Baby's Got Sauce", "Who's Got the Weed" (which was everywhere around us) and others. The encore was an amazing set which included "Fulsom Prison Blues" and a memorable version of "50 Way's to Leave Your Lover". Johnny and Paul would have been proud. It was interesting to notice that there were at least as many (hetero) men as women at the show. Maybe even more men. We surmised that maybe it is the sexual nature of the lyrics or the music attracts guys that like to dance and sing rap lyrics. Many of the guys near us clearly new every song and lyric and were shamelessly dancing throughout the show, alone, with a buddy, or even with an occasional girlfriend. A very fun time hands down (or up). The show gets a 5 out of 5 guitar rating for high energy, a full two hours of solid playing, free contact highs, and great acoustics. This band, now with TIm Shanko, is even more on top of its game.

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