Oct 5, 2013

London Grammar at Lincoln Hall on October 3, 2013

A couple of videos from the show...

Whatever you do, don't read this blog.  I have no street cred.  I cannot get a concert ticket to save my life.  I was turned on to London Grammar by my music loving friend Becca who was turned on to them by her boyfriend.  We like him even more just for this!  I got on to the Schubas website to snag two tickets but while entering my credit card info, the show sold out.   I emailed the owner of Schubas asking if I could get on the press list.  He suggested I contact the band's promotor, Inge.  I did that and promised to review the show for being put on the press/guest list.  She said "maybe but I only have 3 tickets" or something a bit strange like that.  Ok, maybe she was some coffee getter for the promotor or promotion company (Thrillcall) and not the actual "promoter".  She said she would get back to me.  I kept checking the website for the possibility of additional ticket release and annoyed my family while at a restaurant one night scrambling on my iphone to secure a ticket through Thrillcall when they released tickets.  I got one!  But could not get two!  I then begged Inge via email for just one measly itty bitty ticket so that I could take my friend Debbie to the show for her belated birthday.  I even used the "my friend unfortunately has advanced cancer" card (yes, true and also true that I was committed to doing whatever I could to take her to this show even if it meant resorting to using the cancer card - usually only reserved for her own personal use but indirectly it still was).  To no avail.  Heartless even some might say that the "promotor" was so unsympathetic.  Long (very) story short, the show was so popular that it was moved to Lincoln Hall and I could now buy another ticket.  So my blood pressure returned to it's borderline high state instead of the "call an ambulance" state it found itself in.    So feel free to stop reading this blog.  I have no cred, no connections, no pull.  Really.

At the end of the day, I have to admit,  it was well worth the pain and suffering to get the tickets.  I would do it all over again but would rather not have to use or even have a cancer card at all.
London Grammar can be described as ambient, atmospheric electronica.  The haunting and lush vocals appear to be influenced by several shades of Florence and the Machine.  The band's sound is more mellow, soothing and brooding than FATM.  This Nottingham trio combines the talents of Dan Rothman (guitarist), Dot Major (keyboard, djembe, drums) and Hanna Reid (vocals) and is nothing short of fantastic.  Reid's deeply textured vocals are much more mature than her chronologic years. She is clearly not wasting hers.  


  1. Oh man I love these guys. Have you seen their live KEXP video? http://blog.kexp.org/2013/11/11/live-video-london-grammar/so good

  2. Thanks for sharing! Just saw her/them at Metro this weekend. It honestly does not matter what she sings. Flawless. Heart them! Keep reading the blog I have more coming. A bit slow to write since busy.